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Liber Capital is a Brazilian fintech that specializes in providing financial tools to industries and retail segments, facilitating easy credit and ensuring liquidity in the client’s working capital. By helping companies restructure their financial ecosystem, Liber optimizes the payment of bills, both on the payment and on the receiving end.


We had the challenge of making a brand new design system in order to improve Liber’s internal processes. Our main focus was on deeply understanding their business model, as well as all of the players involved in making their product succeed. From there, we went on to build a system together with their team.

  • Create a Design System
  • Reduce inconsistencies throughout the platform
  • Identify troubled spots on the user’s journey
  • Component audit: Prioritizing the most important components

How we did it

Our first order of business was understanding Liber’s business model. It was their understanding that their frontend stack and user experience was dated, built by a couple of fullstack developers in their early days. As a result, their process was in serious need of a revamping, eliminating stress points and speeding up future development.

Since we were integrated into one of Liber’s squads, we were able to catch up with their team pretty quickly and through research with their three main clients, the ones that make the company work, we mapped out the best course of action to start delivering real value as soon as possible.

  • 46 components created
  • 14231 components reused
  • 41% faster prototyping time
  • 3 products using the design system
  • 6X faster time to run automated tests
  • 5X faster deploy time


We started by going through a detailed discovery process. We wanted to validate Liber’s team's understanding of the product, and also talk to all the parts of their business model: clients, stakeholders, users and more.

From there, we were able to create a new design system that would help their teams deliver more, more consistently and with fewer bugs across the board. The goal of the design system was to directly impact and eliminate bottlenecks and stress points in Liber’s processes, as well as create a guideline for everything visual in the company.

We also started organizing and documenting the company’s process and anticipating errors through continuous communication with our team. These changes were important to fundamentally change how Liber’s team dealt with creating new features, error management and more.



All of these changes had an amazing impact, especially on the day-to-day activities inside Liber Capital. First of all, we were able to deliver a new process, extensive and detailed documentation, organization and visual consistency to them.

With the tools we provided, Liber improved handoffs, with better communication and integration between design and technology teams. We were also able to improve the launch of new features, with fewer bugs in each one. Last but not least, the new design system was responsible for a drastic reduction in the time to deliver new interfaces.